About Us

What We Do

We empower and support adults, teens, children, families and communities in building healthy relationships. We provide resources to promote healing for those who have been impacted by pornography or unhealthy sexualization. Our emphasis is on promoting healthy relationships, healing relationships that have been damaged, and providing resources for parents to help protect and teach their children skills for healthy intimate relationships.

Our Story


Northwest Coalition for Healthy Intimacy was created out of need. Early in 2014, a group of concerned individuals met together to discuss what could be done to promote healthy intimacy and educate about the damaging effects of pornography and other unhealthy sexualization in the media. Northwest Coalition for Healthy Intimacy was born out of this meeting.

Help us help you.

Northwest Coalition for Healthy Intimacy is a not-for-profit organization supported by donations and volunteers.


We accept donations of any amount through out PayPal link below.


Checks are also accepted.

Make checks payable to:

Northwest Coalition for Healthy Intimacy
PO Box 2505, Portland OR 97208-2505


Want to get involved with NWCHI?

We have a variety of volunteer positions available.


To explore ways you can help out, contact us at Nwchimail@gmail.com below