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We are an organization dedicated to empowering and supporting adults, teens, children, families and communities in building healthy relationships and educating about the negative effects of pornography and unhealthy sexualization.


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Meeting Yourself Where You Are

Melody Jackman, MA CMHC “Meet your clients where they

13 May 16 melody

Addiction Not What We Thought

This TED talk gives some great insight on addiction: [t

13 Jun 15 anonymous

2015 Conference

2015 Healthy Intimacy Conference

18 May 15 anonymous

10 Years into My Husband’s Recovery: 3 Things I am Grateful For

10 Years into Recovery: 3 Things I’m Grateful For My

11 Jan 15 anonymous

The Importance of Talking about Healthy Sex with your Kids

Last summer in a human sexuality course, the professor

19 Dec 14 anonymous
The Heart of the Matter

The Heart Of The Matter

The Heart Of The Matter: AKA Sometimes God “Taketh Aw

29 Oct 14 anonymous

Hello? Are You There? Can you Hear Me?: The Art of Connecting in Relationships

Recently, I purchased a set of walkie talkies for my ni

23 Oct 14 anonymous

Physical and Emotional Intimacy: Before and After Recovery

My wife just got back from an out of town retreat with

09 Oct 14 anonymous

Good Pictures, Bad Pictures

As a recovering sexaholic there is a lot of shame that

25 Sep 14 anonymous

Personal Growth Lessons Learned from a Little Fern

Some years ago our family took a trip to the Big Island

28 Aug 14 anonymous

Forgiveness: The Ride of a Lifetime

As a child, my favorite fall activity was going to loca

15 Aug 14 anonymous

The Secret Weapon for Protecting Kids from Unhealthy Sexualization

Have you ever worried about how to protect your family

30 Jul 14 anonymous

3 Building Blocks for Healthy Physical Intimacy

When you think of healthy physical intimacy what images

23 Jul 14 anonymous

Wonder Woman VS. The Velveteen Rabbit: My Real Story

By Margery Williams [Public domain], via Wikimedia Comm

16 Jul 14 anonymous

Who are you?

I have recently made myself aware of my vast number of

08 Jul 14 anonymous

Healthy Sex is dedicated to promoting love-based, he

01 Jun 14 anonymous


Hope & Help for Family & Friends of Sexaholic

07 Nov 13 anonymous

Porn Harms is the leading national organization opp

27 Oct 13 nic

What is Sexaholics Anonymous?

Sexaholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women w

30 Sep 13 anonymous


fortify has free online training.   Become the per

27 Sep 13 anonymous

SA lifeline

SA Lifeline is a free resource educating on sex addicti

08 Sep 13 nic

Hope and Healing – Pornography Addiction Education and Recovery

For those affected by pornography / sexual addiction (b

07 Mar 13 anonymous

A Wife Redeemed

My Recovery from my Husbands Pornography Addiction

07 Feb 13 anonymous
20 Jan 13 anonymous

Eat My Scabs

Sex Addiction; not as fun as it sounds

07 Jan 13 anonymous

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21 Jan 10 nic