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Good Pictures, Bad Pictures

25 Sep 14
Good Pictures, Bad Pictures Front Cover

Good Pictures, Bad Pictures Front Cover

As a recovering sexaholic there is a lot of shame that goes along with pornography for me. This shame creates quite a conundrum for me when I think about trying to talk about this with my kids who are pretty young and really have no concept of what pornography is and how it can affect a person. I start feeling anxious and overwhelmed when I think about what to say.

One reason I feel anxious is because I just don’t want to mess it up. I feel like there is a big risk in me oversharing and it would turn my kids down a wrong path with this topic. I wonder if that is true? I attended the September 2014 Northwest Coalition for Healthy Intimacy Restoring Intimacy conference and heard something I really appreciated. It was that we really can’t overshare as long as we are continuing to have conversations with our families.

It’s not the sex talk anymore. When I was a kid there was a specific time when I got the talk. It was awkward, and then long period of time before there was even any close topic of the same mentioned again. I guess I don’t want it to be awkward for my kids. Maybe the way to do that is just talk about it more.

My wife bought the book Good Pictures Bad Pictures by Kristen Jenson to help our family start this conversation. Kristen has done a great job helping me to feel comfortable talking with my children who are all under eight years old. You might say, “That is way too young!” But, really, are they?

Here is where you can buy the book on amazon.

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