About Us

hands-togetherOne Relationship at a Time

Northwest Coalition for Healthy Intimacy was created out of need. Early in 2014 a group of concerned individuals gathered together to discuss what could be done to promote healthy intimacy and educate about the damaging effects of pornography and other unhealthy sexualization in the media. Northwest Coalition for Healthy Intimacy was born out of the meeting.
Our organization believes that:

  • Healthy intimacy begins with the health of each individual
  • Healthy intimacy includes spiritual, relational, emotional, and physical intimacy
  • Healing relationships damaged by media that objectifies and degrades human intimacy is possible
  • True intimacy and connection is built on honesty, empathy, and connection
  • Developing shame resilience is vital to healthy intimacy
  • Acknowledging imperfections and mistakes fosters intimacy and growth
  • Supporting and comforting individuals who have been victimized by unhealthy sexualization is vital in creating healthy communities
  • Individuals, parents, couples, families, and communities can have healthy relationships that better the whole community